Tulinx is an innovative provider of automated, vendor-independent solutions for Performance Management and Optimization of Heterogeneous Networks. Tulinx solutions can process different sources of data from any vendor or technology and include the necessary analyses for Assisted Optimization and SON.

As a young dynamic company that wants to provide cost-effective IT solutions for mobile network Optimization, laroccasolutions decide to partnership with Tulinx to offer innovative solutions to automate the key processes that drive network performance. This is the right answer for the continuous increasing workload and complexity of managing multi-technology networks. Implementing automation of optimization process in an intelligent way will result in an improved network quality and customer satisfaction.

With our revolutionary toolbox we provide solutions that can process different sources of data and this new approach open us a new market into the IT world to analyze any BIG DATA environment.

Solutions Key Benefits’

  • Cost-Efficient: Modular approach with very low entry-level
  • Local Integration: Adaptable Solutions. It can be linked to existing databases
  • Vendor Independent: Possibility ti integrate any vendor or network technology
  • We Look Ahead: Smooth transition to any new software releases or new technologies
  • Flexibility: Toolbox for operators that want to do their own internal development or that want to be assured that they have a future-safe investment
  • Know How: Many years of Data Analysis which ensure an efficient development and partnering with our clients for maximum performance and usability

Visualise all network performance now and in the future

Tulinx solutions are modular, open and customizable which will ensure that you can use the same investment for different technologies or vendors and visualizations of data you even did not think of today.

AWACS is our visualization solution which is able to present available network data (KPI’s, site info) in a web-based GUI with different widgets or modules such as Charts, Tables, Maps. These widgets are linked and combined into one solution which ensures that there is no time lost by switching between different software interfaces increasing the engineers efficiency. Customized or tailored made widgets are possible to ensure they fit your local needs. AWACS is developed to be used intuitively without intensive training. We believe that user applications should work for themselves, be predictable and fast to approach.

Key features of AWACS are:

  • Vendor-independent
  • All technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, etc…)
  • KPI creation for any network element
  • Other data sources are possible
  • User friendly web-interface
  • Customizable
  • Modular

Typical use cases where AWACS is used are:

  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performance or Quality Reporting
  • Site Integration
  • Before/After analysis e.g. RAN swaps
  • Pilots and special projects

New KPIs’ can be calculated on the fly with a basic formula editor and/or can be implemented by your own staff permanently. Tulinx has a long experience with calculating KPI’s and aggregation scripts so we can help if required. We also use a unique filter mechanism which allows the end-user to easily select the view and the network element(s) he wants. As an example selecting all 3G cells which have a third carrier active just takes a few seconds. Typical grouping of sites in cities, clusters or regions can be easily implemented. On the map view we show element information and cell handovers in combination with any trend or view selected.

ETL module that can load All Your network data

Tulinx solutions are vendor and technology independent which will allow you to process real-time any data (CM, FM, PM, CDR, XDR, etc…). Our carrier-grade platform seamlessly fuses ETL, Data warehouse and web-based GUI’s within a single, end-to-end system but allows a modular approach to avoid overlap with existing solutions.
MINERVA is our open solution for Extracting, Transforming and Loading your network data using clustered parallel processing techniques. This allows to process ‘live’ network data almost real-time without major hick-ups and ensures scalability as the offered data will be growing over time.

The Minerva solution has a smart interface to an open database model and has a modular set-up:

  • Data harvesting of all possible data formats
  • Data processing to have all data converted, aggregated and calculated into the database
  • Data correlation for pre-analyses of all available data

Minerva can process 2G, 3G, 4G data from different data sources including but not limited too:

  • Network OSS Data:
    • Performance Management (counters for radio and core)
    • Fault Management (alarms)
    • Configuration Management (parameters and network topology)
  • Network Planning data: information on all network elements including information such as location, address, status, configuration
  • Trouble Ticket Databases: information used for incident and problem management
  • Call Data Records: raw CDR’s used for billing but which also contain useful customer specific information such as mobile type, cause of termination, first and last cell.
  • Map data: Openstreet, Google Maps, etc… and specific boundary or other layers in standardised formats.

Once the data is loaded the Tulinx web-clients can work from the same data source in parallel. It is possible to connect with third party business intelligence tools for ad-hoc access to the data.

Radio-Network Data Analyser

Auto-diagnose and prioritize network issues

Tulinx solutions are suited for automating the optimization processes. The first step to SON is Assisted Optimization. For us Assisted Optimization means efficient optimization by using future-proof automated solutions that provide relevant prioritized issues including all required diagnostic information for quick resolution.

Radio-Network Data Analyzer is our assisted optimization solution which will process and correlate radio network data resulting automatically in prioritized network issues in the form of tickets. The prioritized tickets can be tracked, put on-hold, assigned to a user and also include the final resolution. The auto-diagnose allows the engineer to analyse and solve issues a lot faster resulting in up to 40% efficiency gain.

Key features of Radio-NDA are:

  • Integration of available radio network data
  • Automatic correlation and prioritization of data
  • Generates triggers, notifications and prioritized issues
  • Custom scripting
  • Automatic and Effective ticket/task processing (workflow)
  • Web-based rich-context information

Radio-NDA uses rule-based triggers which can be customized. They are typically based on the categories Availability, Accessibility and Retainability but also Configuration checks are executed. Triggers can be any combination of KPI’s, trends and other network info over the same or different time periods. Typical use cases are (cluster) optimization, capacity management, SLA management and configuration checks.

This solution will allow your optimization teams to automate 2G & 3G optimization so they can start focusing on understanding and roll-out 4G. Once they are ready the same solution can be used for 4G Self-Optimization but in a user-controlled or intelligent way (iSON).

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