Telonic Berkeley, Inc. is a designer of precision microwave products and diesel smoke opacity meters.

Founded in 1958, Telonic has been a pioneer in its field and has, over the years, consistently supplied quality products to the Defense, Aerospace, and Telecommunications businesses.

TELONIC is proud of the fact that the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo shuttle missions have at least one Telonic filter or other device aboard.


Telonic Berkeley complete filter product line includes a broad band range of Tunable Bandpass Filters covering from 8 MHz to 4 GHz. Tunables bandpass filters are five-section, iris coupled o,o5dB Chebychev filters. Typical tuning range of each filter it is typically one (1) octave, with bandwidths of 1,0% to 10,0% andcan be provided as manually tuned, computer controlled or as a multi-octave, computer controlled system. In addition, the TTR tunable bandpass filters are 0,1% reject bandwidth, stub tuned 3.section Chebychev filters. Narrow bandwidths and broad passbands make these filters excellent for noisefigure measurements, spurious and harmonic signal evaluation, and EMC testing.


Telonic Berkeley filters are known and used worldwide. Telonic Berkeley impressive array of fixed filters types has evolved over the years in response to fulfilling the demanding needs of the electronic industries while offering performance parameters tailored to each customer’s unique requirements.


Bench Type Attenuator are disigned as a discrete instruments for use in electronics lbs. Production or metrology applications such ar intermediate testing or quality assurance. Attenuator can be mounted singly or in pairs like show in beside picture.


These tandem attenuators are combinations of step units, combined in a single assembly with a single dial and dB readout. They permit instrumentation designs calling for higher dB ranges with fine step divisions. For example, the miniature Model 8140 picture here combines the 8121 & 8122 attenuators to provide a full range of attenuation in 1 dB steps to 109 dB. Tandem, attenuators are available in the subminiature size, offering attenuation range of 69 dB.


These Telonic Step attenuators are available in nine different models with attenuation range from 1 to up 100 dB in steps of 1 to 10 dB. These are two basic case designs, both 1,31” diameter with lengths of 1.50” (subminiature) and 2.29” (miniature). This mechanical configuration reduces panel mounting space to a minimum, and also permits incorporation of these attenuators into many existing designs. All version utilize Telonic solid state thick film resistive elements for high power, precision, repeability, and extensive service life.


Telonic’s line of coaxial step, digitally programmable miniature attenuators combines Telonic’s thick film (distributed field) chip concept with the “Edge Line” conductor theory to provide relatively low-cost, highly accurate attenuator for the “OEM” automatic instruments and system market. Nature of thick file chips allows higher than normal power handling capability in this size unit.

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