Tech Alliance

We partner with high technology organisations and solution providers that enable the creation of a complete solution with speed and efficiency

The Technical Partnership Program

The technology program is open to companies who want to create integrated value and offer their products in concert with arimas solutions portfolio.

A close collaboration with the arimas R&D teams will generate  an aligning development roadmaps for future developments.

Marketing cooperation and business development activities with arimas and Sales channels help to expand partner’s reach to markets which we are jointly serving.


Why join us

Becoming our Tehcnical Partner you will enable the creation of complete integrated solutions, extend the reach of your technologies and leverage economies of scale that put the user first. You will also receive enhanced technical support and compliance testing benefits as well as access to a variety of co-marketing benefits.


Overall Benefits

Sell Network

An integrated solutions that accelerate the sales cycle.  A new dynamic offer from many different perspectives

Global Presence

Reach out quicker the global market and put down your costs using the Technical Partners Network

Channel Partners

A win-win solution for both parties that will includes value-added resellers, distributors, systems integrators and consulting companies, all known for their expertise and high-touch service. 

Integrated Solutions

An overall solution that will multiply each offer. Customers get a complete solution running faster, with fewer hurdles and a superior experience

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