Quality Policy

success is achieved when organisations are trusted from their clients by the right Quality Policy

arimas is aware that lasting success is achieved when an organization attracts and maintains the trust of customers and other relevant stakeholders by using the right Quality Policy. 

Every aspect of interaction with customer provides an opportunity to create greater value for the customer. Understanding the current and future needs of customers and other stakeholders contributes to the success of the organization.

Leadership and commitment for the right Quality Policy

Top Management is committed in order that:

      • customer’s requirements and the applicable mandatory requirements are determined, understood and regularly met;
      • risks and opportunities that can influence the conformity of solutions and the ability to increase customer satisfaction are determined and addressed;
      • the focus on increasing customer satisfaction is maintained.

To facilitate that, Top Management is committed to create conditions in which people actively participate in the achievement of the organization’s quality objectives.

Competence and involvement

Top Management is aware that competent, responsible and actively engaged people at all levels within the organization are essential to increase the organization’s ability to create and provide value.

Management System

The tool adopted by the organization to manage business processes with focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement is the Quality Management System, based on the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Quality Policy Objectives

In order to satisfy clients needs, arimas Top Management has defined the following key points as a framework for quality objectives:

      • Increase the customer satisfaction
      • Constant attention to new technologies
      • Continuous improvement of the quality level of the services

Top Management periodically review this Quality Policy in order to ensure that is appropriate to the purposes and context of the organization and supports its strategic guidelines and that it is implemented and shared at every level of the organization

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