Software solutions for Operations, Optimization, Performance Management and SLA

Network operations typically using many different data sources and applications. Complexity and variety is constantly increasing through multiple layers and technologies (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) and a mix of hardware vendors. Customers become more and more demanding, where network operations should well understand how to adapt the network for the best customer experience.

This requires vendor independent solutions where all network data is consolidated, being able to understand Customer experience, Predict when to take measures and automate for agility and efficiency.

Services and Capabilities

Tulinx innovative solutions allow operators to automate troubleshooting and do efficient optimisation of the access, transport and core network. Import all your network data into one data warehouse and analyse, correlate and predict the end-to-end quality of your network and develop the right KQI’s for Customer Experience Management. With the advanced web-based user applications AWACS and NDA all your network data, KPI’s and Analytics can be visualised, analysed, and reported. By intelligent correlation and analytics automation of finding root causes is really possible.

The intelligent setup of Tulinx solutions makes them future safe for a smooth transition to new 3GPP network software releases and even new technologies. Today Tulinx can support public mobile operators as well as private networks in the enterprise market for regardless of technology and vendor.

Why Tulinx:

  • Cost-efficient: We have a modular approach which allows a very low entry-level for our solutions.
  • Local integration: Our solutions are adaptable to the local needs and can be linked to already available databases.
    Vendor independent: We are not limited to a certain format, infrastructure vendor or network technology.
  • Zero-Touch: The Artificial Intelligence setup of our automated solutions makes them suitable for any achieving operational excellence with all 3GPP network technologies from 2G to 5G and beyond.
  • Flexibility: Our solutions can be considered as a toolbox for operators that want to do their own internal development or that want to be assured that they have a future-safe investment.
  • Know how: We have many years of mobile telecoms operator experience on-board which ensures an efficient development and partnering with our clients for maximum performance and usability.
  • We love challenges: Do you need a fast solution for a major problem or want to work with new data sources?

ensure Business Process Improvements

Tulinx solutions allow to process in real-time any network data (CM, PM, FM, Probe, Trace, CDR, XDR) for the best insights in network quality and optimization. The carrier-grade platform seamlessly fuses ETL, Data warehouse and web-based GUI‘s within a single, end-to-end system but allows a modular approach to avoid overlap with existing solutions.

Data warehouse and web-based GUI

Key benefits and features

Just a Mouse Click

Ability to present all available network performance data in web-based modules such as Charts, Tables and on maps.

Assisted optimisation

Assisted optimisation solution for engineers involved in radio optimisation and performance management.


Vendor and technology independent, Tulinx solution can provides the dashboard that fits all needs


Tulinx solutions can integrate with third party BI solutions (Tableau, BO, ...) to produce standardised reports and overviews.

The Telco alternative for off-the-shelve and
in-house developed solutions

Application & Use Cases

Automatic KPI
anomaly Detection

Open source platform with Real-Time Unsupervised Machine Learning for KPI Anomaly AUTOMATIC detection.

Automated network operations

Real-time and automated KPI monitoring, with automatic alerting to prevent issues

Interference detection/correction

Automatic detection of interference sources on specific areas to improve

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