Nexus Telecom

Service and Application Monitoring for all Mobile, Fixed-Line, and Hybrid Networks

Nexus Telecom excels in business outcomes, sets high customer experience benchmarks, and ensures the security for human and critical infrastructure.

For over 20 years our team has collaborated with some of the worlds’ most advanced public & private communication and application service providers to deliver superior business outcomes, set ever-higher benchmarks for customer experience, and assure human and critical infrastructure security.

Services and Capabilities

Solutions for:


  • Improve your network operations efficiency and customer satisfaction
    The network experience is the most important driver for you customer and user satisfacion. Our service and application assurance solutions are unmatched.


  • Improve your business operations efficiency and customer satisfaction
    Business operations rely on the right data being delivered at the right time to the right tools, platforms, teams, and decision makers. Use our apps or our data refinement, management and orchestration engines assure the best possible results for you and your customers.

customer experience management

Telecom Operators are diversifying their service portfolio to generate new revenue streams. In addition, different levels of services are introduced to address the needs of different customer segments. This segmentation-based approach requires to monitor all the services and to survey the quality provided to the different customer segments

Ensure customer loyalty and lowering call center open

Key benefits and features

Customer Voice Call Experiences

Voice quality monitoring provides the evidence of how customers experience your voice services

OTT Overview

NEXUS tool provides information about customers behaviour and issues he was facing to

Service Performance Monitoring

Voice call KPIs identify potential issues affecting VoIP service quality

Fraud Surveillance

The NexusNETVIEW Fraud Surveillance Application checks the enriched xDR database using intelligent detection logic to indicate well known fraud patterns or disruption of services.

Wireless and Security Innovation

Application & Use Cases

Wireless Security

Ferrous detection security products including handheld receivers for TSCM, bluetooth locators for hidden credit card skimmers and many more


Cybersecurity training, services and solutions with products designed to educate and benefit digital privacy, prevent credit fraud and identity theft and detect wireless threats of all kinds.

Wireless Test

Wireless test products also handheld portable cell booster installation receivers, indoor DAS transmitters and drive study receivers.

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We provide the necessary advice to choose the best solutions for your needs by combining efficiency and reliability and keeping attention to all aspects
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