AI Powered Technology for a
Better Connected World

Metricell is on a mission to deliver connectivity.

Metricell works with customers in the telecommunications industry to design, deliver and manage wireless communication networks – with a shared ambition of achieving flawless network experience.

Services and Capabilities

Metricell have been responsible for a number of first-to-market products, and their technology is characterised by the relentless pursuit of automation and digitalisation.

Metricell geospatial intelligence tools traverse a wide range of business processes – from Test & Measurement to Customer Experience Management – and they are pioneers in the areas of Crowdsourcing and Digital Self Care. Metricell technology is today in use by hundreds of customers, thousands of their personnel, and millions of subscribers worldwide.

Automated Technology for a Better Connected World

Our goal is to help those working in communications organisations to gain greater understanding of their technical and commercial landscape – from cell performance through to customer


The mobile network world is constantly evolving, and innovation is required to stay on top of the market. Our crowdsourcing and assurance solutions can help you understand where your subscriber base is experiencing issues, and drills down right to the root of the problem


We can provide the tools to ensure that network operators meet the quota and responsibilities assigned to them. Whether it is regulation, investigation or operational assurance, our tools can identify where nationwide issues arise, and help resolution.


The modern business landscape is intertwined with mobile network provision – are you getting the service you require? We can help you find out, and use our in-house test and measurement tools to help you troubleshoot the problems in your office or on the road.

Innovative geospatial intelligence tools

Metricell works with some of the world’s best-known companies to test, measure and assure the connections that keep them running. Metricell work includes in-building surveys, connectivity planning and design, private networks, and provides essential tools for continuous monitoring.

process automation and digital transformation

Key benefits and features

Fully Digitalised Customer Care

Metricell's Digital customer care revolutionizes telecom operator interactions, delivering personalised and efficient support through AI-powered tools, empowering customers for enhanced satisfaction, time savings, and revenue growth.

Automated Network Management – Powered by AI

Unleash the power of AI to masterfully manage complex mobile networks. Metricell's intelligent platform grants you real-time visibility into network health and performance, empowering you to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and swiftly resolve network issues

Fully Digital AI Test & Measurement

Metricell's network visualization solutions combine live network status with test data, empowering network operators to optimize performance and deliver a consistently reliable customer experience.

Committed to innovation and constant developments of new products

Application & Use Cases

Network Operators

Metricell's Beacon and AutoMobile solution is a complete and comprehensive automated testing solution for network operators. It is easy to deploy and can be used for managing network performance at static and mobile locations

Tower Companies

TowerCos that rely on multiple customer rentals per site need to be strategic about where they build new towers. Metricell's network testing tools can help to identify areas with the greatest need for coverage, so you can build new towers in optimal locations and attract more tenants

Blue Light​

Blue Light Organisations all over the world are seeing a rising demand in the need to update their public safety broadband networks. These networks must be fit-for-purpose and provide adequate push-to-talk, voice, data and coverage experience, everywhere first-responders may need it

Private Enterprise

Communication is the lifeblood of any organisation and can be one of the company’s largest expenditures. As a result, it’s important to have a handle on how the network is performing.


Metricell’s Drive Test solution, AutoMobile, is a network testing tool that allows for key network performance metrics to be collected across multiple operators to independently validate these coverage claims on a national scale.


Asset Locator is a purpose-built online marketplace where assets such as Buildings, Street Furniture and Open Spaces can be made available to interested third parties for purchase/rental proposals and s built upon our award-winning SmartNetwork visualisation tool.

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