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InfoVista is the leading provider of cost-effective network performance orchestration solutions that help communications service providers, mobile operators and enterprises meet the challenge of providing top-quality user experience while increasing the capital efficiency of their fixed networks, mobile networks and enterprise WANs.

Services and Capabilities

Infovista’s solutions enable end user-aware orchestration of optimal network performance across all network domains and throughout the entire network lifecycle.

Critical networks that people and businesses depend on should run flawlessly, that’s why Infovista  solutions simplify the modern networks people rely on every day to deliver maximum visibility and exceptional user experiences.

Managing the performance of modern networks and the vital applications that run on them has become extremely complicated. A digital matrix, it’s easy for operators to get lost and businesses left behind. Enterprises and network operators require a level of guidance precious few technology partners possess.

  • Mobile Operators cut down churn rate by achieving optimal user experience throughout the entire life-cycle, across all technologies and domains of the mobile networks. MNO can maximize ROI, consolidate their OSS ecosystems, and cost-effectively plan technology upgrades required to handle future mobile service demands
  • Communications Service Providers to maximize the monetization of their differentiated, high-value, application-aware IT services for business customers at the lowest possible costs, transition to NaaS and on-demand networking, and successfully integrate NFV and SDN principles into production
  • Enterprise IT organizations to automatically manage and protect business-critical application performance over the secured hybrid WAN, regain control of network usage and meet users’ QoE expectations in full alignment with business priorities, all while reducing telecom costs


Infovista’s expertise in data and analytics is second to none. We offer complete visibility and unprecedented control of your network and business-critical applications, leading to brilliant user experiences and maximum value. No one else provides this totality of vision and this level of control.

Achieve complete visibility and control

Leveraging data, analytics, AI/ML and automation, provides a new way to think of your network: we unify and cloudify all the phases of your network lifecycle into a single continuum. This ensures you get business outcomes along your network transformation journey, regardless of your pace.

cloud-native modules for the automated assurance

Key benefits and features

Customer Experience

Ensure high-quality service delivery and customer experience down to the subscriber level

Value creation

Maximize business outcomes and revenue streams for Telecoms and Enterprises

Operational efficiency

Optimize your operations and costs with intelligent processes and correlations

Network transformation

Breakdown business and technology silos with data-driven solutions across your network lifecycle

Next-gen platform

Realize the potential of cloud, automation and AI/ML to deliver scalable next-gen networks

Industry leadership

Leverage the experience with more than 1200+ customers worldwide who use our industry leading solutions

Infovista: Cloud-native platform powering the automation of your network infrastructure across its entire lifecycle

Application & Use Cases

Planet Suite​

Accurate and efficient RAN planning & optimization

TEMS™ Suite​

Network testing to optimize customer experience

Ativa™ Suite

Next-generation automated assurance for 360° visibility

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