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Gamegee delivers a comprehensive suite of services through our digital platform, empowering users to seamlessly manage their wireless networks, smart devices, internet access, parental controls, and cybersecurity measures.

Further extending our platform’s capabilities, we also offer identity protection, robust work-from-home solutions, and smart home monitoring and automation services. 

Emphasising customer-centricity, our pledge is to provide a superb personal experience in the domain of smart homes for consumers. Gamgee streamlines complex technologies into easy-to-use solutions, designed to elevate everyday living while fostering a sense of safety and peace.

The concept of a smart home is emerging rapidly, the confluence of connectivity, artificial intelligence, and automation, smart home security is an essential matter that needs attention. Homeowners want innovative solutions that offer convenience and the safety of their properties and loved ones. 

Wi-Fi Home Alarm: A game-changer in security

The home alarm Wi-Fi is a game-changer and excellent device for smart home security. This cutting-edge security system encompasses the multiple emerging trends discussed above. With the integration of advanced AI and machine learning capabilities, it can accurately analyse patterns and identify any potential security threats.

Indeed, the Wi-Fi Home Alarm device integrates seamlessly with popular smart assistants that can help users manage and monitor their security system with voice commands. This technology also offers biometric authentication features, such as fingerprint recognition, to ensure a robust and personalised layer of security. The system leverages edge computing for quick response times, and with 5G connectivity, it delivers a high-performance, real-time security experience.

Boost customer satisfaction and business growth

Dedicate a separate segment of your home network exclusively for remote work purposes. Isolated from other users, this specialised network is solely accessible to office devices.

Elevate security measures with additional layers of protection. Experience the benefits of anonymous internet access.

Assure Fully Secured Smart Working for
Remote and Hybrid Working

Key benefits and features



Many branding options and multi-language support


Comprehensive portfolio of services for consumers


Reduction of support costs with self-care tools and product analytics


Reduction of support costs with self-care tools and product analytics


Growth due to hyper-personalisation and insightful analytics

Unlock advanced features and deliver value to your customers with Gamgee's digital services platform

Application & Use Cases


Public and private sector enterprises must guard against data vulnerabilities, comply with numerous data protection regulations, efficiently use resources and incorporate eco-friendly practices—all within a complex portfolio of IT assets.


Blancco offers solutions for each touchpoint along the mobile lifecycle, serving OEMs, carriers, retailers, insurance providers, refurbishers, and resellers

Wireless Test

Blancco provides certified erasure at scale for recyclable data storage assets, increasing the number of used drives and devices preserved for resale.

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