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CommuniTake Technologies solutions secure mobile communication.

CommuniTake Technologies offers in-depth protection for corporate mobile devices against modern cybercrime attacks aimed at data theft and eavesdropping. 

Services and Capabilities

CommuniTake Technologies provides a holistic mobile security system that consists of a specially-manufactured hardened mobile device, custom-built operating system, encrypted voice and messaging, OS-fused command and control center, threat detection, and complete remote control technology.

CommuniTake game-changing solution pioneers better mobile security for both corporate-owned devices and bring your own devices.

CommuniTake mission is to help customers practice and deliver a secure faultless mobile experience. CommuniTake specializes in tailored mobile devices, custom mobile operating systems, encryption, and remote access technologies..

Call anytime and anywhere across the globe to mobile phones on your network. Your leg of the call is always protected, even when talking with a contact that does not have the IntactDialog app, keeping you safe from local eavesdropping threats.

Exchange completely secure messages. Share in real-time private information without concerning about interception threats. Ensure safe communication and group chat within a contained environment. Perform end-to-end encrypted messaging based on AES256 message encryption with 256-bit key length, and RSA 2048. Avoid untrusted commercial instant messaging apps.

Transfer confidential documents, and sensitive images with high-grade end-to-end encryption. Define sharing policies ensuring they do not end up in the wrong hands.


IntactPhone is a heavily secure mobile phone built for organizations. It protects you from eavesdropping, malware, data breaches and any attempts to hack or tamper with your mobile communications and data.


The security-first Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution delivers a best-of-all-worlds mobile device security and compliance framework to match your specific enterprise mobile security requirements.


IntactDialog provides encrypted communications on IntactPhone and Android devices. It protects your calls and messages with high-grade encryption and provides regulation-ready communications archiving.


CommuniTake’s purpose-built mobile devices resolve the quest for mobile experience assurance in contained communities. It effectively integrates from the very beginning security, privacy, and trust to deliver a risk-free mobile use within secretive organizations.

Boost customer satisfaction and business growth

Dedicate a separate segment of your home network exclusively for remote work purposes. Isolated from other users, this specialised network is solely accessible to office devices.

Elevate security measures with additional layers of protection. Experience the benefits of anonymous internet access.

Assure Fully Secured Smart Working for
Remote and Hybrid Working

Key benefits and features


Focused on making all products the best they can possibly be. CommuniTake investigates the context of use and the behaviour and security needs of mobile users. It allows to make the best ever solutions.


CommuniTake goal is to understand, develop and deliver mobile experiences that go beyond people’s expectations, by means of the newest technology tailored to their customers’ needs. ​


CommuniTake believes in putting their values ahead of short term objectives. Their reputation is extremely important and their foster a strong ethical culture built around client satisfaction.


CommuniTake is serious about long-term commitment to their customers. They make it their business to advise and guide their customers through every step of the solution deployment.

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Application & Use Cases


Security-rich mobile phone for organizations. It is built from the ground up to provide you with the ultimate defense against mobile cyber-crime.


IntactMed introduces an unprecedented proven value proposition that meets your remote patient monitoring challenges.


IntactDialog provides encrypted instant mobile communications on IntactPhone and Android devices. It protectes calls and messages with high-grade encryption.

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