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A leading provider of innovative equipment for wireless networks worldwide

Communication Components Inc. (CCI) is one of the fastest growing providers of base station enhancement products.

The innovative products are designed to allow service providers to get the most out of their base station investments. Whether capacity expansion or coverage enhancement is the objective, CCI has the appropriate solution to meet the need.

CCI’s capacity expansion products will allow a basestation to grow radio count without adding feeders and antennas, and with no loss of coverage. CCI creates turn-key solution from design assistance to site commissioning.

CCI offers several coverage enhancement solutions that provide fully link balanced self contained systems that are custom designed to seamlessly integrate with existing BTS equipment. CCI also can custom configure complete turn-key in-building systems for small office through large campus-wide systems.

With thousands of field-proven solutions in deployment, CCI brings expertise, technology, and reliability to meet your base station enhancement.

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Understand customers’ requirements and anticipate their needs.
Deliver products of exceptional performance, reliability, and value, on time.
Continually improve.

capacity, coverage and quality

Key benefits and features


Provides the ideal ground based antenna sharing solution and reduces feeder line count and tower loading.


Ideal solutions for either ground based and tower based antenna sharing.

Optimized Throughput

Easy optimisation features including separate Uplink and Downlink control.

Multi-Beam Antennas

Multi ports and Multi Sector array antennas with multiple beam and frequencies.

Deliver products of exceptional performance, reliability, and value!

Application & Use Cases

DAS & In-Building Solutions

Modular design allows support for bands from 700 MHz to 2700 MHz.

Co-Siting & Antenna Solutions

Enables multiple base stations to share a single antenna.

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