One of our customer, selected laroccasolutions as key technology partners for the event, to ensure 24-7 service quality monitoring of data services delivered throughout the city of Sanremo using Beacon Probes and a dedicated Dashboard.

They used it to show their customer the REAL TIME performances of the new technology offered: 4G+ at 500Mb/s

This prestigious European music festival, has been attend by many thousands of music fans, it has media followers which included 240 newspapers and 1,341 accredited journalists, from all over the world.

laroccasolutions provided a solutions based on previous experience done with Metricell into other SPECIAL EVENT in Europe. We decide to use BEACONs.


Project LRS-0091-17013 – Sanremo2017



What We Did

BEACON Set-Up, Alarms Management

Dedicated Dashboard, Post Analysis

laroccasolutions performed 24/7 measurements on Customer Network

using dedicated BEACONs able to reach

downlink peak rate at 500Mb/s

Project Description

Primary objective of the activity was:

  • Measure Network Performance during Sanremo2017 event
  • Acquire the downlink performances of 4G services in all the points of interest
  • Show in “REAL-TIME” the average os collected sample by a dedicated and custom algorithm

BEACON is designed to continuously monitor network performance.

It mimics the behavior of real subscribers by using smartphones to perform a series of voice call, web browsing and video streaming tests. In this use case it has been used only to monitor the REAL Downlink Performances 24/24 durin overall the event.

Beacon is remotely controlled and it measures SIGNAL STRENGTH, SIGNAL QUALITY, THROUGHPUT, BROWSING and more…

Beacon Monitor

A simple Beacon download speed dashboard showing the latest speeds in real-time.

This has been developed between laroccasolutions and Metricell and it has been inspired by the Sanremo 2017 Project.

Any MNO could integrate it into their official Website to show to customers their performances in Near Real-Time.

Target audience is likely to be Marketing for this type of initiative, but its also a useful value-add tool for operators with large scale Beacon deployments.

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