Company History

Founded in 2009, arimas is an international leader in innovation and high-tech engineering consulting.

arimas is one of the few independent European Telecommunications & Information Technology company able to offer globally high level of quality and commitment to the most exacting clients.

With our branch offices and business partners, arimas, we have an interantional coverage offering local expertise combined with global capabilities. The team includes consultants operating in all industries.

We are constantly looking for experienced and dedicated people to join our offices. To discover more about the opportunities, contact us!

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2010 - Business Kick-Off

Following previous working experience, telecommunications engineers Maurizio LA ROCCA realised strong similarities between his attitudes and customers need

Based on his market needs, he decided to start a business "and make a run for it."

2010 - First important achievements

The NewCo immediately demonstrate his power into Sales of Broadcast solutions

Many broadcast designer & manufacturer of advanced technologies for radio and television, like EUROTEL, ELECTROLINK, start to buy our LOADS and other components

2011 - New MNO Customers

laroccasolutions start to offer directly to Italian MNO

Growing into the TELCO business, the NewCo is now able approahc big customer like TIM, MICRON, VODAFONE, WIND H3G and many others


2012 - Custom Product: TAG-SCAN

Custom TAG-SCAN for retrofit solutions

An R-FID system consists of a transceiver (reader) and one or more transponders capable of communicating with each other through a modulated signal to radio frequency

2013 - New Projects & Employees

The company start growing and, in parallel to other sales activities, starts 2 important projects, one in ITALY and another one in QATAR

During the same year laroccasolutions starts to employee new engineers into the team


2014 - laroccasolutions become an LTD

laroccasolutions, become a Limited Company and his founder, Maurizio LA ROCCA, become the CEO

laroccasolutions LTD become official supplier of many enterprise, one of all Telecomitalia alias TIM!

2015 - The Real Company Growth

The 2015 is the company year! Different projects into different application field start off! LIVETIME, the new platform from Metricell, start to be used into some important use cases, one of all EXPO2015!

Post Analysis

2016 - New Achievement


SMART TOOLS, the new market lead platform, has been sold to TIM that immediately start to use it into daili works for optimization and monitoring

2017 - New Office

laroccasolutions following the rapid growth of his business, decide to relocate their offices into a new and more representative one

The 2017 is also the year of new employees that give more power to the company. Furthermore, the company starts to invest into IoT, Security & Drones

laroccasolutions reveals important strength into the Security market and thanks to the CEO's contacts the company achieve important deals


2018 - Further Growth

laroccasolutions gain new deal with important partners, one of all INFOVISTA and gain new big customers

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