About InfoVista

InfoVista is the leading provider of cost-effective network performance orchestration solutions that help communications service providers, mobile operators and enterprises meet the challenge of providing top-quality user experience while increasing the capital efficiency of their fixed networks, mobile networks and enterprise WANs.

InfoVista’s solutions enable end user-aware orchestration of optimal network performance across all network domains and throughout the entire network lifecycle.

Unleash the Possibilities of 5G with Planet 7

Unleash the Possibilities of 5G with Planet 7

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Cut down churn rate by achieving optimal user experience throughout the entire life-cycle, across all technologies and domains of the mobile networks.
MNO can maximize ROI, consolidate their OSS ecosystems, and cost-effectively plan technology upgrades required to handle future mobile service demands

Communications Service Providers

to maximize the monetization of their differentiated, high-value, application-aware IT services for business customers at the lowest possible costs, transition to NaaS and on-demand networking, and successfully integrate NFV and SDN principles into production

Enterprise IT organizations

to automatically manage and protect business-critical application performance over the secured hybrid WAN, regain control of network usage and meet users’ QoE expectations in full alignment with business priorities, all while reducing telecom costs

Benefit from the Operator-validated 5G Analysis Capabilities of Planet

Preparing for a 5G Future
RF Planning of Millimeter Wave Frequencies for RAN Evolution

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Accurately Model mmWave

  • Planet 3D Model – accurately simulates mmWaves up to 60 GHz
  • High-resolution building and 3D vegetation models

Support Flexible Numerology

  • Simulate different numerologies for coverage and throughput
  • Model the effects of slot duration

Simulate Massive MIMO

  • Simulate beamforming and beam-switching antennas (in 3D)
  • Modeling MU-MIMO and SU-MIMO


InfoVista offers advanced multi-RAT planning and optimization solutions. With the ability to access live data such as highly accurate, geo-located call traces, temporal selections of network performance data, and live network configuration and parameters, the InfoVista solutions provides RF engineers with an accurate view of their mobile network’s current status, its evolving traffic demands and existing network issues.

This facilitates timely planning and optimization decisions for areas of poor performance or quickly growing traffic demand.

Automatic Cell Planning (ACP)

InfoVista offers efficient ways to optimize the Radio Access Network (RAN) with Planet’s integrated ACP)”>Automatic Cell Planning (ACP) solution with unique spectral efficiency goal that truly optimizes multi-technology capacity and quality. With connection to the live network data to support intelligent network planning and efficient network optimization, InfoVista’s ACPsolution goes beyond the traditional scope of planning, providing several benefits, including the ability to minimize cell overlap and interference levels.

This allows mobile operators to be ahead of the curve by accurately and timely deploying small cells, HetNets, LTE-Advanced and other next-generation technologies when needed. Right at the outset, mobile operators planning efforts will pave the way for both optimal QoE and ROI.

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