Improve business operations and worker safety, reduce costs reduction and grow reliability of solutions

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Utilities market is going through a deep structural transformation and we are ready to help main operators of conventional and renewable energy to rethink their strategies, build their skills and improve performance along the entire value chain, to change business models and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

In fact, utilities organizations are under constant pressure to improve their business operations and worker safety, as well as reduce their costs while maintaining reliable services for their customers. At the same time, customers and regulators are putting pressure on to keep electricity prices low. Information Technology and Communication solutions can help utilities organizations achieve these goals and we are here to help about this transformation.

Tait is developing a new generation of digital voice and data solutions that can be deployed to enhance worker safety and improve efficiency for utility organizations. We have a thorough understanding of the business drivers for utilities organizations and have created wireless communication solutions that provide both practical and innovative ways to achieve and improve your KPIs.


We plan, deploy and test your network infrastructure We optimize companies networks infrastructure through an innovative combination of the architectural design and an accurate on-site execution

Energy and utility companies are now  facing a level of disruption not seen in decades. New, cash-rich competitors are disrupting the market. Renewables prices continue to ratchet downward. A series of socio-economic, regulatory and market dynamics are added to this, to which are added exogenous factors such as climate change, local demographic trends and socio-political factors, such as the return to coal in USA or Germany’s decision to phase out nuclear power. Furthermore, new energy-storage technologies are rapidly becoming industrialized. Meanwhile, technology – and opportunity – are moving to the edge. 

Our solutions fully enhance utilities application by adopting latest technologies solutions for the assets maintenance and management. In fact, they demosntrate to be a key success factor for the overall chain of the energy supply chain (Generation, Exploration & Production, Transmission, Transport, Storage, Distribution).


We offer a flexible range of consultancy ranging from the complete transformation of the IT governance business model to the solution of a specific cost or performance problem.

Support and Services

We are the right strategic partner for system integration activities and cybersecurity assessment able to support customers during their daily activities

Threat Intelligence

Our goal is to simplify customer activities and processes, increase the operational efficiency of their information systems and to release resources for business-oriented value projects.

Investigation support systems

We provide design and implementation services for networks and architectures, even complex ones, in physical or virtual environments, at customer sites or in external infrastructures.

Attack Simulation

We test the strength of your security by simulating real cyber attacks across all attack vectors in order to protect yourself from threats before they ever show up.

Issue Identification

Get Score and a clear report that details your security status. Let us make an assessment of your network to evaluate all risks


Stay one step ahead of the game. We will gives you detailed instructions to make in place action to reduce your attack surface and stay safe against attack

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We provide the necessary advice to choose the best solutions for your needs by combining efficiency and reliability and keeping attention to all aspects
Leading players need to address their chronic production backlog and embrace the possibilities of best in class analogically & digital technologies