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arimas engineers are available to help to solve your industry-specific challenges. 
They will help you to choose the right tools for your need


If you’re working with unique test and measurement applications, our team of experts can help you find the right equipment for your needs. Select an industry below to view specific applications related to your industry or sector.

Aerospace & Defense

Assess, certify and manage your company network security effortless with our professional team and our SaaS-based solutions


Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Management over IP networks present both opportunities for enhanced services and challenges in ensuring reliability and performance

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Assess, certify and manage your company network security effortless with our professional team and our SaaS-based solutions

Connected Cars

Achieve seamless and secure connectivity and a positive in-vehicle user experience. End-product testing, assessment and protection certification. Remote Witness Viewing. Accreditation Body. In-House Test Automation.

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Information Technology

Combine our expertise and knowledge to help your business transformation through smarter content, allowing organizations to connect, protect & unlock value from all their offer



Our portfolio includes electronic testing tools for semiconductors and specialised power supply solutions for labs and projects, covering high-speed digital testing and power integrity assessment.


We support telecommunications companies to innovate their business to always stay on top of the market

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The security of your building, your private conversations, your plans and secrets can all be compromised by surveillance devices; from small, inexpensive GSM/UMTS bugs to bespoke devices created by state actors.

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We help main operators of conventional and renewable energy to rethink their strategies, build their skills and improve performance along the entire value chain, to change business models and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

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We provide the necessary advice to choose the best solutions for your needs by combining efficiency and reliability and keeping attention to all aspects
Leading players need to address their chronic production backlog and embrace the possibilities of best in class analogically & digital technologies