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laroccasolutions is proud to present an Innovative Drone Measurement System (IDMS) to maintain optimised Radio Frequency (RF) emissions and safe operation

Based on the specialisation requested and proximity we will then arrange contact to our drone experts. We will execute your project offering you the best service in the market with professional reports, images and videos

Our Products


RF polar measurements, interference surveys, antenna tilt & azimuth analysis for all frequencies & protocols


Dedicated custom algorithm to understand performances and limitations


Purchase the IDMS all-in-one solution or install our sensors on your own drone


Multiple Inspection process with HD cameras, InfraRed & Custom Radio Frequency sensors

Optimised RF Emissions

Antenna tilt or misalignment, antenna malfunction can also remain undetected for long periods of operation

Planned inspections & maintenance schedules ensure network operators maintain optimised emissions and guarantee safe and reliable operation


The IDMS is an optimized high performance flight system.

Flight stabilization is the fastest in its class, per­fect for a smooth flying even with full payloads in high wind speeds up to 15 m/s.


Thanks to its compactness, the IDMS can be transported fully assembled. Open the box, insert the battery and we are ready to go.

The IDMS GPS assures stable positioning and supports the pilot.


The IDMS rotors is totally safe, allowing you always to operate right at the spot

With the Mobile Ground Station you can walk around while flying. This is true mobility and a huge ad­vantage for any one-man operation


Aerial Survey

Our offer will not replace conventional methods, but rather will perfectly complement classic methods. With up to 50 hours of flying per week, the flight system is a real workhorse and delivers reliable and sound data for your survey. From various heights, surface areas can be flown over quickly, uniformly and precisely.

Our Products


Thermal Inspection

Defective cells on solar panels, so-called hotspots, can only be detected from outside using a thermal imaging camera.

Both ground-mounted and roof-mounted systems are difficult to access because you ideally need a perpendicular view of the slanting solar cells.

Spectrum Analysis

Aerial Radio Measurements

We modify the Drone payload to accept an RF Spectrum Analyzer and EMF Spectrum Analyzer.

Overshooting Cells

We will than be able to measure analyze Radio Link, Radio Coverage, Power Exposure… everywhere around the antenna.


We are now the only ones to offer this Service!

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline shown north of the Brooks Range near Atigun Pass. The zigzag design and fin devices allows for geologic movement and thermal expansion and contraction to keep the 800-mile pipieline from heaving and rupturing. Jim Lavrakas/Anchorage Daily News - 870602

When searching for the perfect image it often comes down to only a few centimeters difference in the position of the camera.

The AscTec Falcon 8 offers this precision. It allows you the freedom to select your perspective. Between light and shadow, horizon and zenith, every subject is available to you – and is often just a “click” away.

Video Inspection

Wind turbine blades have a life expectancy of around 20 years. However without proper inspection & maintenance a serious reduction in life expectancy can occur.