With more than 20 years of experience in the fields of mobile wireless networks, test strategies and mobile standards, Focus Infocom is one of our trusted and reliable partner.

At laroccasolutions we are proud to offer the German Quality of Focus Infocom Products. The sustainable development of our products guarantees long-term investment protection for all our customers.

Focus Infocom Solutions are…

…made for Companies whose business relies on mobile communication

For companies who rely on mobile communication networks, we deliver measurement results as a basis for informed business decisions and as a foundation for interacting with network providers.

…made for Mobile Network Operators

We work closely together with Mobile network operators to directly integrate new requirements into our R&D, and adapt our products to seamlessly integrate into existing structures.

…made for Regulatory Authorities

Regulatory Authorities profit from our commitment to standards and our work in standardization, combined with our vast practical experience gathered in more than 25 years of working in the field.

…made for Service Providers

Focus Infocom helps measurement service providers to be maximum efficient: with custom products, adapting to existing workflows, product rental to cover short term project needs and more.

First Smartphone System

Focus Infocom was the first manufacturer who introduced a smartphone-based benchmark system based called XGMA Smartphone.

The system was the first of its kind that was used in a nationwide operator benchmark test, published by Chip Online, Germany’s largest internet portal for IT.

Currently Focus Infocom provides a full-fledged series of measurement systems based on Android™ smartphones.

Key Benefits for All…



Our team of measurement specialists supports you with consulting services before, during and after a project, translating problems into measurement concepts, getting evaluation right, and beyond.



As a manufacturer of measurement systems, we have the facilities to develop our products according to customer specifications in addition to our standard product line.

Managed Services


With our Managed services offering, all you need to do is define your requirements. We then provide everything from planning to reporting, and deliver the results.



Our team of measurement specialists can help you with consulting services before, during and after a project, translating a problem into a measurement concepts, getting evaluation right, and beyond.

Measurement Campaigns


Together with our measurement partners, we carry out the most challenging measurement campaigns, be it in-train, in-car, or walk tests, all backed up by our longstanding experience.

Reporting and evaluation


The best data is without any practical value without the right evaluation and reporting techniques. We provide tools for data evaluation and visualization, from data input to final management report.



Focus Infocom introduced service tests like Skype®, Youtube® and controlled Multi-RAB including comprehensive QoS-KPI long before the competition.
Therefore, we not only take the lead from a technical viewpoint, but have gained a cutting edge position resulting from years of experience.

Transaction Based DataBase


Focus Infocom was also the first manufacturer who integrated a transaction-based hierarchical database structure into its post processing tools.
This move enabled high-performance database queries and fast drill-down from QoS levels.

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