Our cyber risk platform provides an automated end-to-end solution that encompasses the entire scope of cyber risk management. Our scientific approach provides digital-related risk oversight across the entire organization

We provide the best cyber risk management platform with unprecedented accuracy, agility and friendliness . We Provides you also a list of recommendations on specific operational defensive actions while helping determine which resources should be allocated to match risk tolerance and business strategy.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, as long as you manage sensitive data, you are more predisposed to cyber-attacks from the bad guys

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Better Perception

Progress beyond subjective perceptions with our machine learning

Cyber Insurance

Increase your coverage and reduce your premium

Risk Reduction

A simple, practical & cost effective procedure to reduce your cyber risk

Cost Reductions

Build up an automatic intelligent system to continuously assess any risk

What We Do

Any organizations spend billions on security solutions to protect data, block malware and keep critical business processes operating, yet most companies are still prone to evolving dangerous cyber-attacks

Our approach is to help you measure how prepared (or not) your systems are and provide with the assurance your security perimeter is working properly, by exposing where your weaknesses reside in your infrastructure

Our Team

Our team members are highly proficient & well informed of the most up-to-date technology used in cyber simulation as well as shrewd enough to mimic the latest and most sophisticated cyber-attacks

We will simulate, with high-end SaaS applications, the way hackers operates, from composing a phishing email and infecting a machine to pilfering credit-card data out of your company

Cyber Posture

Most of the attack vectors being tested by penetration testers are relying on success and therefore not handling the vast scenarios of the organizations flaws. We supply a large penetration scenarios to cover the entire organization attack vectors.

Cyber Attack Simulation

Cyber-attack simulation allows ongoing and scheduled testing of deployed technical controls such as those of Mail Relays, Web-Filters, WAF and other systems and mimics potential hackers’ behaviour making it a complementing solution alongside pen-testing.

SOC Simulation

Simulating an Attack using our Attack vectors and our Agent intelligence. Intuitive GUI helping the client to simulate an attack on an organization on a variety of attack vectors, on different platforms at a predefined scheduled time.

Key Benefits

  • Business driven solution: Visibility across the organization to ensure cyber risks are addressed in the broadest relevant manner, with the business outcomes at the forefront
  • Analytical: Allowing the cyber risk and security team to focus and address the business needs
  • Operational: Advice as to the course of action to be taken
  • Intelligent: Continuously updated with quantified intelligence so there are no loose ends
  • Accurate: Cutting edge patented technology enabling any organization make data driven decisions
  • No more guessing: Drive a “no surprises” approach in ensuring that the risks in the organization are well known and understood
  • Holistic: maintain and oversee the Technology and Information Security Risk Governance Framework and associated policies and standards
  • Saves Time, Resources and Money