Consulting Solutions to highlight service assurance, network operations and device management for providers in any phase of deployment

Nowadays, digital technologies are running disruptive changes that increase speed of competition and needs of technology experts.  Furthermore, complex regulatory scrutiny, cost pressures, and accelerated time to revenue constraints are causing us to rethink all aspects of businesses.

During last years, arimas has been on the cutting edge of the telecommunications industry and thanks to our expertise, we are proud to offer Consulting Services without comparisons. High skilled, high tech workers over a broad range of industries and a broad range of occupations are needed. Such worker needs to be align with the tha latest technologies releases.

The future is already here. And arimas is driving innovation by developing Consulting Solutions that address the main concerns of service providers. None of this is possible without a great broadband and RAN! And MNO are trying to keep up with demand and find ways to deal with disruptive competition, expand their own network, reduce churn, grow revenue, enhance customer experience and drive business efficiencies

Furthermore, identifying methods which serve to continually boost network coverage against rising restrictions on expenditure is a growing challenge for operators around the world. With demand for mobile data becoming more intense year on year, the race is on to find solutions which can offer fast ROI at both speed and value.

Despite the heavy investment in Big Data platforms, there is a continual struggle to demonstrate a certifiable and transformative return from their adoption.

With our Consulting Solutions, we can offer you to centralise and visualise a variety of data feeds from across your business to gain a real-time image of network performance and experience.

Without this approach, data collection and consolidation can become a highly resource-intensive operation.

Manage subscribers, services and devices through one fully-integrated platform that enhances service assurance and operational efficiency to improve customer service

Network Intelligence


We offer real-time, configurable, easy-to-use platform that allows subscriber data, operational data, workforce management and network data to be easily consolidated, mapped and analyzed

Cutting out the complexity and simplifying the solution, MNO can quickly understand and view all areas of their operation and map it to analyze, plan and improve the customer experience and generate revenue

One platform, multiple benefits!

Daily management of workforce installs & trouble-tickets
Subscriber behavior trend analysis to improve serviceability, cross-sell opportunities & revenues
Infrastructure inventory log to assure operational efficiency & costs
Troubleshooting the fiber network when outages occur



A real-time, GIS platform that turns your data into actionable intelligence

Combine a rich range of data sources, from OSS KPIs, to trouble tickets and maintenance, monitoring all aspects of the networks, alarming and alerting Operators instantly if any Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) have been breached


Next Generation Service Fulfilment & Subscriber Management

Look to address anything by centralising and processing all required data, such as OSS KPIs, fault, operations and maintenance, before making it available in a web-based visualisation tool which manages all manipulation and reporting needs


Actionable Network Intelligence to analyze data to make a meaningful impact

Our analytics platform has been created to address the industry’s main concerns: security, integration and installation. Our team work together in one environment where we can see all Network info, how it’s performing, and make changes almost in real time


Take the advantage to have a SELF-CARE that will answer in RealTime to customers complain

Prioritise the capture and use of real experience data instead of relying on existing network data to derive ‘new’ experience insights from

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