The Big Challenge…

The big challenge, which also presents a major growth opportunity for the sector, is that consumers are addicted to connectivity and speed.

The ongoing expansion of the mobile ecosystem, coupled with demand for high-bandwidth applications and services such as video and gaming, is keeping pressure on the industry to increase the availability and quality of broadband connectivity.

Carriers will continue to pursue technological advancements to handle demand, including offloading some mobile bandwidth needs to Wi-Fi.

At the same time, long-term spectrum availability, spectrum efficiency, small cells and continued backhaul improvements are likely to be a key focus to assure continued mobile broadband momentum.

At its heart, the wireless industry is a set of interconnected networks built upon an infrastructure configured from equipment supplied by thousands of manufacturers.

laroccasolutions systems are extensive in its capabilities and can meet all needs in the TELCO/ICT market.

What You Can Expect

  • On-Site Tech Support from our Radio service technicians throughout EMEA Regions
  • Private Network Installation
  • Indoor Planning, Installation and Optimization
  • Full On-Site Engineering Staff continually developing and testing new solutions
  • Component Repair provided by our in-house technicians

In-Building Design

The structural attributes of modern buildings and public in-building environments can disrupt the various signals of cellular and other wireless services.

Enterprises and facilities owners across a range of sectors including Education, Healthcare and Public Venues require an in-building solution that cost effectively cope with present and evolving demands specific to that industry, and avoid impinging the availability of multiple services.

A typical in-building coverage system consists of two major components, a bi-directional amplifier (BDA, or signal booster) relaying and amplifying the RF signal traffic between the remote base station and the portable or mobile radios, and a network to distribute the signal to every corner of the desired coverage area.

The most common type of the distribution network is a system of coax cables and indoor antennas called a Distributed Antenna System or DAS.

Audit & Bench


RF propagation is affected by many factors (e.g., buildings, terrain, vegetation…)

RF optimization must takes into account any difference between predicted and actual coverage



RF simulation is a key part to understanding in a short time the locations propagation characteristics

Aiding and confirming design theory, using appropriate RF components to match project assessments



Our engineers can build the best mobile network design and deployment scenarios

All the relevant physical information related to the building must be considered



We can assist you translating your network requirements into network design criteria

Model tuning, network design, site surveys, cell planning, frequency and parameter planning

Radiofrequency Engineering Services

arimas provides complete RF engineering services fast and efficiently.

Network technologies continue to evolve and the lines between mobile and IP networks is always goin in a converge direction. laroccasolutions’s consulting services range from specific short-term assignments and task based solutions through to full scale risk/reward strategies, based on long-term turnkey projects.

We are able to support multi-vendor, multi-technology networks, enabling us to enhance customer’s business and project objectives, irrespective of network vendor, tools, working processes and methods.

Our engineers have field-proven design, planning and optimization experience in all wireless mobile, fixed and fiber optics connections.

Our engineers are constantly up to date with the latest technologies and techniques, we are a leading consultingforce in the communications field.

Understand The Environment


SITE SURVEY is a must to understand the overall radio frequency environment

Non-Overlapping Channels


Non overlapping channels can be “aggregated” to increase system capacity

Understand The Equipment


Knowledge of equipments is a must to move smoothly between Design, Delivery, Analysis



Customers want to know what they paid for and only a Professional and clear report can show them

Wi-Fi & Hiperlan Services

Perfect solutions for all locations Adding a Wi-Fi device will bring in new customers, keep them longer and add to your revenue base! Before you begin to install a wireless network there are some fundamentals that should be kept in mind…

Advantages and disadvantages of providing Wi-Fi coverage using Hiperlan connection between Hot Spots are carefully analyzed. The specific network solutions for different hotspot indoor environments are illustrated, calculated and discussed along with different traffic models for indoor coverage.

WI-FI Draft Planning Deploying a wireless LAN is a considerable undertaking. Significant planning is required and that’s not simply a matter of identifying user locations and connecting them to the backbone. Wireless LANs provide mobility through roaming capabilities and as such have limited range.