Wi-Fi Home Alarm

Empower Your Customers with a Revolutionary Home Security Solution: Seamlessly Integrate Wi-Fi Technology and Artificial Intelligence for Unparalleled Peace of Mind.


Seamless Integration into Mesh Networks with Intuitive Mobile Control: Elevate Connectivity with Gamgee’s User-Friendly Solutions.

Diverse Branding Choices and Multi-Language Support: Tailor Your Experience with Gamgee’s Versatile Solutions.

Simplify Security Setup: No Hassle with Cameras, Sensors, or Additional Equipment with Gamgee’s Effortless Solutions.

Enhanced Security with Intelligent Detection: Identify Individuals, Pets, Objects, and Rooms with Precision through Gamgee’s Smart Solutions.

Adaptive Excellence: Constantly Adjusting to Residents and Environment, Gamgee’s System Evolves with You.

Maximum Privacy Assurance: Safeguard Sensitive Data within Consumers’ Homes with Gamgee’s Secure Solutions.


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