Enterprise and Digital Transformation: new challenges

Digital Transformation is changing the traditional paradigms of business: dedicated organizational roles are born, and the need for an innovative entrepreneurial culture and agile and open models is growing. The new paradigms push companies towards new challenges and highlight the importance of facing transformation by acting on multiple axes, including organization, processes, methodologies, culture, and the reference ecosystem.

The working model of the future will be based on three key elements:

  • promotion of man-machine collaboration
  • enabling new workers’ skills and experience
  • support for an intelligent and dynamic environment without limits in time and physical space.

People will be more and more involved in digital experiences. The web is the place where they will continue to look for solutions to problems and needs. Thus, companies absent from the web will eventually disappear from their market. However, being there is not enough. Digital presence forces companies to reshape value propositions for customers and develop technical skills to interact and engage effectively.

The digital transformation of businesses presents complex challenges, regardless of the size of the business. Criticalities are not related to the presentation of technological tools, but to the ability to know them and want to use them in the correct way. For effective digital communication, it is essential to rely on experts to communicate your business in the right way by producing smart and quality content. For this, you can contact communication agencies such as arimaslab, which specializes in creating websites and digital communication on any platform.

New requirements for companies

Technologies will play a key role in supporting the transformation of work. For this to happen successfully, it will be necessary to:

  • An intelligent work environment that can proactively serve and deploy the resources needed to do the job.
  • Workplace-integrated detection systems that optimize and personalize employee experience and improve productivity, safety, and security.
  • Robust security and governance that doesn’t hinder productivity and user experience.
  • Collaborative tools that enable conversational environments (not only within the company but also with partners, customers, and other stakeholders).
  • Secure connectivity to people and business resources anytime, anywhere, from any device type.
  • Intelligent systems capable of enabling new skills and providing continuing education.
  • Automated systems for business process improvement.

Cyber-Security for the digitalization

While digital technologies enable a range of opportunities, they increase the risks to the security of information systems and business data. Managing cybersecurity is now a must. For this reason, the realities that use it to protect themselves from cyber-attacks are growing. To face this threat, we need investments in data protection in expert professionals and state-of-the-art security systems.

If you want to seize new business opportunities and ensure your business thrives in the future, you need to be ready to face the challenges of an epochal shift toward digital transformation. Trust arimas expert team and find the perfect solution for your business, contact us now!


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