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Our CEO Maurizio La Rocca talks about the overall vision of his company and its successful path as a top player in the industry.

arimas® is a leading company in consulting, technology services, and digital transformation. It provides flexible and high-quality innovative solutions to support and help the daily activities of companies. arimas® has established a solid foundation to pursue further growth by leveraging its excellent industry relations, compliance records, and customer-oriented culture.

It is the right frontend to address customers’ daily challenges in the constant evolution of the digital world. Its mission is to combine advanced technologies, proprietary data, and in-depth expertise to provide its customers with immediate impact and support them long-term with cutting-edge solutions.

The digital transformation of companies

The company’s skills and knowledge enable companies to drive effective digital transformation through smarter content that allows businesses to connect, protect, and spread value across their entire offering.

Having an organization that can adapt to change becomes fundamental to the life of the company. Starting from a strategy that goes from marketing to the product through sales, then going on to talk about business organization, data management, and processing and getting to the technologies. Because it is the result of consultancy activities based on innovation and technology, arimas® can develop innovative technologies with a higher probability of success than consulting companies that only deal with the financial aspects.

Once the foundations are laid, a company will be truly prepared for what is to come, for the transformation and for the implementation of the set strategy. In this perspective, it is possible to have a more flexible company, more ready and responsive to change in a context that is no longer static but extremely changeable.

Our CEO Maurizio La Rocca

CEO arimas Maurizio La Rocca

“If you want to realize your dream, you must be able to dream!”

As a leader in technology consulting and digital transformation services, it works with business partners, from Telco & Media to Information Technology, Military, and Utilities, to create major change across all industries.

The main goal of every business is to support customers in the long term, develop the skills of the workforce, guide operational improvement, and apply new working methods. The company’s CEO leads arimas® activities claiming to “live for the daily challenges, trying to solve them with the best products, predictable release cycles and support in a few hours every need”.

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We provide the necessary advice to choose the best solutions for your needs by combining efficiency and reliability and keeping attention to all aspects
Leading players need to address their chronic production backlog and embrace the possibilities of best in class analogically & digital technologies