Lead generation and Artificial Intelligence

Lead generation is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for the success of a company and is the basis of a successful marketing plan. Lead generation is therefore essential for companies that want to increase sales, improve their reputation and maximize their revenue. Lead generation is just the technique to get new leads, ie reach as many interested users as possible willing to buy the products or services offered by your brand.

Lead generation: the time factor

Being present and active in the digital world is fundamental for companies that must communicate with their audience to retain customers and acquire new ones.

There are several factors that allow lead generation to be even more performing, such as creativity, the study of buyer personas, and the choice of acquisition channels, but one of the main factors for an effective lead generation campaign is time.

Generating new contacts requires time and dedication, so you need to plan carefully and meticulously campaigns and individual activities. However, once contacts are developed, it is crucial to be quick and efficient in responding to their requests, in contacting them, providing all possible information, and in the sales process.

For this reason, new advanced artificial intelligence technologies have been developed that take over the time factor allowing you to be active 24/7, always ready to respond to the customer in the various stages of the sale, in a precise and timely manner.

AI to support lead generation

Artificial intelligence is concerned with designing hardware and software that can carry out tasks independently, tracing human reasoning and planning skills. There are several artificial intelligence tools that can support lead generation activities, intervening on the issue of “timing“.

  1. Chatbot

Chatbots are computer programs able to interface with the user independently imitating human work. This form of AI has been designed to respond to users based on algorithms that recognize keywords and provide correct and linear answers.

Chatbots are perfect for lead generation as they allow you to stay active, answer prospect questions quickly and efficiently, make customer care, and guide you through the lead recording feature.

  1. Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are an even more sophisticated form of chatbots that build an interactive and natural conversation. Virtual assistants base their operation on machine learning, that is, machine learning of human language, thus allowing them to reproduce the same mode of conversation between people, with a more natural and informal result.

  1. Recommendation and programmatic advertising systems

These types of software are mostly used in e-commerce and can orient user preferences and decisions. Such technologies are able to advise users which products to buy based on their research, influencing the customer journey and consequently the purchase.

Advantages of AI in lead generation processes

Artificial intelligence is therefore very effective to generate new contacts in target. First of all, it helps to qualify prospects, quickly identifying the best contacts and collecting all the information necessary for their profiling.

Through AI you can also find new customers, integrating them directly into your CRM quickly and effectively, dividing them into segments of users. They identify the best channels of communication for a company and the right platforms on which to be active, all this serves to understand where to invest their money and resources, increasing performance results and customer engagement. Finally, it can dialogue with customers and with those who want to become a customer, providing assistance and help in a continuous and effective.

In conclusion, it can be said that artificial intelligence is now an integral part of digital marketing processes and brings several advantages that deserve to be exploited.

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