YORKIE-PRO RF Search System

RF search system gsm-WIFI-bluetooth

From Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a company that designs and manufactures wireless security products for TSCM specialists and government organizations, for wireless security management of secure facilities.

The system is used to locate modern wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G / 4G / 5G capture and threat systems. Customers of this type of product include engineers, technicians, law enforcement, government and military professionals looking for cutting-edge wireless solutions.

    • Complete overview of demodulated CW + wireless devices
    • Integrated touchscreen for quick navigation + intuitive alerts
    • Direction detection of all cellular, Wi-Fi, BT + BLE activities nearby
    • Thresholds, frequency analysis and whitelist for advanced TSCM field studies

This solution is excellent to be used by law enforcement, military, government and prison facilities to detect and localize wireless threats. Its use is also configured in the context of public competitions or in prisons where the use of cellular or generally wireless systems is strictly prohibited.

This instrument is imported and distributed by arimas.com, the company headed by Ph.D. Maurizio La Rocca for information write to: info@arimas.com

Today, general purpose spectrum analyzers are no longer optimal as the interception has naturally moved towards GSM, Bluetooth and WIFI systems, taking the place of traditional bugs, where it was easy to locate a fixed transmission on a frequency, even better if analog.

We talk about the prehistory of capture systems, the evolution of cyber space, together with the technological one, has allowed the evolution of objects born to spy, into something really difficult to locate, already with the advent of GSM bugs, the TSCM technician’s work has become very complicated, usually one has to deal with environments close to if not in proximity, with offices or inhabited centers or frequented by people who make use of cellular devices, the same machines that distribute snacks and coffee, have GSM systems for stock reordering, the same applies to WIFI and Bluetooth systems, we are surrounded and it is not always possible to turn off the devices during the RF environmental analysis, because perhaps there are other people in the adjacent offices, others offices and the work gets complicated.

BVS, world leader in advanced analysis equipment, comes to our aid with this fantastic and complete product. But what is the Yorkie-Pro?

The Yorkie-Pro is the advanced and professional version of the Yorkie.

The Yorkie is a simplified version, obviously it has a lower cost and could be an excellent solution for personal use.

Technical Specs:

    • FREQUENCY RANGE From 650 MHz to 3 GHz and from 4.9 GHz to 5.9 GHz
    • CW DETECTION All international cell phone bands, including the new 5G, Wi-Fi 2401-2495 MHz and 5180-5825 MHz Bluetooth & BLE 2402-2480 MHz
    • DEMODULATION 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (DUAL-BAND) 5 GHz Wi-Fi channels: 36, 40, 44, 48, 52 , 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165 Bluetooth channels: 1-79 Bluetooth Low Energy channels: 1 -40
    • SELECTIVITY REJECTION Better than 40 dB
    • RECEIVE MODE High speed, active scanning
    • SUPPORTED ANTENNAS (3) omni-directional antennas (2) directional antennas, to search for the transmission source (one for mobile phones and one for Wi-Fi and BT)
    • POWER SUPPLY Internal 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion battery / external 12 VDC Nominal CHARGING 3 hours (from ~ 50% residual capacity)
    • BATTERY LIFE 5-6 hours (with typical use)
    • DISPLAY AND CONTROL 272 x 480 backlit color display / touch screen
    • UNIT DIMENSIONS 18cm x 11.5cm x 5cm
    • BASE DIMENSIONS 15,2cm x 10,2cm x 8cm
    • ALARMS Vibration (excludable) and visible (blue LED at the head of the unit)
    • SOUND Audible feedback from the touch of the screen and beep on alarm when the defined level is exceeded
    • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED (5) antennas, GPS antenna, SMA cables, 12 VDC power supply, charging base, USB key, software and manuals, bag

Forget everything you used before the possibility of having this jewel of the BVS, there is nothing superfluous, it does very well what it is designed for and it does it very well, the manual does not even need to read it as it is intuitive and simple. interface and how you move from one function to another.

The presence of the GPS then helps us in the drafting of the reports, each signal is logged together with the detection position.

Yorkie-Pro menu navigation

We begin to describe the interface, when it is turned on, using the single white round button under the screen, with which the unit is also turned off.

When you turn on the Yorkie-Pro it presents this screen:

Mixed mode home screen, view cell phones and WiFi

Let’s start by describing the icons at the top, right:

we find the battery, with the remaining energy level;

then one in the shape of a camera, here if the finger is pressed, the system stores the screen, the number shown inside the lens shows the number of screenshots that we can still store on the unit;

the three horizontal lines indicate the options menu, where you can configure various options and check the status of the GPS signal;

the circle is used to save the log of all the information that can be seen on the screen and which can then be downloaded and processed on the PC at a later time, functionality in progress, at the moment the manufacturer claims to be in the imminent release of the connection software, for now it is only possible to update the firmware via the USB port.

The bottom menu is used to select the search field we want to do, and from the graphics we understand that starting from the left, we find the mobile phones in green, WiFi in orange, Bluetooth in light blue and finally in red and white the display of the ‘2.4GHz WiFi band spectrum analyzer.

The configuration menu allows you to:

set the vibration and sound for threshold exceeding alerts, see the status of the GPS signal received:

The antenna must be inserted into the dedicated connector located to the left of the unit, then check the battery status:

This must be cyclically loaded and then completely downloaded to keep it in perfect working order, consult the manual for the procedure, you can then select the country where you are operating, a very useful function for those who also analyze abroad:

All frequencies are automatically adjusted to the selected country. It is possible to have information on the unit:

See how to position the antennas, check the firmware version and know the serial number of our unit. Finally, you can see the stored logs and screenshots on the screen:

Use in the field is incredibly practical, you pass to a first scan with the omnidirectional antennas and if a signal is detected, you can touch the signal being tested with your finger and go to the search by mounting the directive antenna:

For those who performs analysis in a serious way, the Yorkie-Pro is a must-have without which you risk not being able to do a complete job, the system also allows you to discriminate the networks or known and authorised devices, through the management of white list that can be stored in the field directly from the instrument.

YORKIE-PRO RF Search System

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