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SEGRON story begins more than 25 years ago, when two of our founders saw a near-universal need for faster, more efficient, and more sophisticated testing among their consulting clients in the telecom domain.

Seeing that nothing on the market could meet this growing need, the pair established a consulting firm that specialized in telco network design, deployment, and testing. Fast-forward to 2012, and SEGRON is born.

With the growing team’s vast telecom knowledge, in 2017 they were able to successfully launch SEGRON ATF—short for “automated testing framework”—an automated end-to-end test tool that empowers engineers to perform more than 500 test cases per day, resulting in improved network quality and sped-up time-to-market.

Today, SEGRON is venture capital-backed and has its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with operations in Bratislava, Slovakia. We’re an international group of 50 people coming from more than 8 different countries. SEGRON team is made up of engineers and experts in IT and the design, integration, operation, and testing of large enterprises bringing together invaluable know-how to develop innovative and personalised solutions for our clients.

SEGRON offers future-proof test automation solutions for the full suite of communications ecosystems across industries

SEGRON, is working hard to become the testing automation leading provider. SEGRON strives to offer the industry expertise and reliable service that businesses look for in a long-term test automation partner—which is why SEGRON’s solutions are used by major European companies.


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