How Technology Is Disrupting Leading Industries

How Technology Is Disrupting Leading Industries

From food to feng shui, technology is entering more aspects of our lives, forcing companies to incorporate tech into their customer-facing side of business or be prepared to lose customers to tech-friendly competitors.
Tech is innovating companies left, right, and center, stealing faithful customers for easier, healthier, or doorstep service. Slightly altering business plans by implementing technology is creating billion-dollar businesses in already existing markets. 

Innovating Industries

Even industries that can operate without technology are being innovated by technology. The food industry, which could operate without technology, finds ways to implement tech and turn the centuries-old industry on his head. The benefits aren’t only for profits. Farmers and consumers are experiencing benefits as well.

Delivering edible but mishappen fruits and  vegetables is one way to stop food waste, deliver healthy produce, and provide more green for their laborers. 

Outside of the food industry, technology is working on adding efficiencies to online shopping and implement industrial psychology to increase office staff production, both remote and in-person.

Workplace Organization

Today, companies have dozens of subscriptions to software to boost employee efficiency or increase the amount of money a customer spends. With all of these subscriptions, sometimes it isn’t easy to find a particular report.

It’s a forgivable offense to look at multiple places for a report, prospectus, or internal memo. It might be in an email, on your desktop, or a shared drive; searching all of these places can be frustrating and make employees look disorganized. The AI startup Capacity is currently solving that problem. Their ambition is to keep digital files findable at all times and reduce the time employees spend in search of documents of an unknown source. 

Capacity is one of many companies using AI to help companies eliminate inefficiencies. AI and machine learning is a technology that companies are beginning to apply to all parts of life, not just businesses.  


Picking a restaurant is difficult, especially as the size of your party increases. There is always a risk of disappointment if you get to the restaurant and realize there is a 45-minute wait. As hunger sets in, it becomes increasingly difficult to come to a consensus. You can avoid the arguments of hungry minds with the plethora of reservations apps available. Yelp, the business review site, and many other apps end the difficulties of finding and reserving space at a restaurant.

These companies are going as far as to create their own hardware, or software-enabled tablets, to transition from reservation services to point of sale (POS) companies, which eventually boils down to software as a service (Saas), a business model growing in popularity. Square is also entering this space by offering businesses an easy way to build websites and POS services. The features they offer through their website blend easily with their POS capabilities creating dual income streams. This gives restaurateurs more headspace to focus on the menu and atmosphere. 

As dining services transition to miniature tech companies, they are looking for employees with computer science skills that can be learned through coding bootcamps like Code Fellows. You can learn trades, such as web development, data analytics, and mobile app development. If you are a foodie and want to contribute to the restaurant industry, this may be your ticket in. Using their mobile app, you can have beer on your doorstep in as little as two hours. 

Beer Delivery

People are also crazy about beer. The world is moving away from straw-colored beer made with rice and corn and looking for new ways to get their beer.

Amazon does sell beer, but most of the time, we want a cold beverage immediately, not in two days. To address this need, TapRm is getting beer to craft-beer loving folks. Only available in Brooklyn at the moment, but a business venture that beer lovers in big cities would like to have available. If you are a beer lover and want to create your own app, you can learn how to become a mobile app developer with no degree. 

You Can Be A Disrupter Too

You can be a part of startups who are revolutionizing the way we complete everyday tasks. From the enjoyable tasks of dining out to the less sexy but equally useful tasks of keeping the thousands of documents a business creates accessible to all, there is a tech skill you can learn to help optimize the future. Attending a top coding bootcamp is one way to find a fulfilling career in your dream industry.

How Technology Is Disrupting Leading Industries

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