Innovative Drone Measurement System

Innovative Drone Measurement System

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arimas is proud to present an Innovative Drone Measurement System (IDMS) to maintain optimised Radio Frequency (RF) emissions and safe operation. Based on the specialisation requested and proximity we will then arrange contact to our drone experts. We will execute your project offering you the best service in the market with professional reports, images and videos.

Different sensors can be used to satisfy customer needs and our expert will be ready to help our clients to find it.

Our Innovative Drone Measurement System (IDMS) is able to offer a compact, low-cost unmanned aerial system for antenna measurement. In fact, in the TELCO market, antenna tilt or azimuth misalignment, as well as malfunction, can remain undetected for long periods of operation. Depending on the area, this could generate a low Customer Experience. Planned inspections & maintenance schedules ensure network operators maintain optimised emissions and guarantee safe and reliable operation

Using the IDMS system it is possible to characterize the antenna under test (AUT), calculate the radiation pattern, render a visual representation of network performance in real-time, identify dead spots, overlapping beams and competing physical channels to determine the root cause and source of signal issues. The system can also characterize antennas for proper alignment: tilt and azimuth.

Furthermore, a visual and thermal inspection could be done with high resolution and accuracy.

The IDMS offers this precision. It allows you the freedom to select your perspective. Between light and shadow, horizon and zenith, each subject is available to you – and is often just a “click” away.

Maurizio La Rocca, CEO & founder
Today, 23th of July 2020, we’re excited to announce that our R&D department is building the new IDMS that will soon be able to perform measurements for Video & Thermal Survey, CEM, Beamforming and measurements with Spectrum Analyser. In fact we found different payload to install and use for different purpose. As example, the Network Analyser, will be able to demodulate LTE/WCMDA signals and provides real-time, location-based metrics such as EARFCN, PCI, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR and RSSI for the serving cell and up to 7 neighbours. It is analogous to “drive testing” but on an autonomous drone
Maurizio La Rocca, CEO & founder




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