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PIXIP.NET provides scalable telecommunication testing solutions for network operators (mobile and fixed line), content providers, carriers and regulators.

PIXIP.NET’s solution makes it possible to test the performance of complex services to detect errors and issues quickly.

PIXIP.NET QoS platform EMQP provides test automation for
      • Bearer Testing for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, PSTN, ISDN, DSL, LAN
      • Active End-to-End Service Testing for Voice Call, Video Call, PTT, SMS, MMS, E-Mail, HTTP, WAP, FTP, PING, Video Streaming and VOIP
      • Video and Voice Quality with PESQ/MOS and PEVQ
      • Drive and Mobile Testing with GPS and Network status logging
      • Portal and VAS Testing for News Portals, Video Portal, Logo and Ring Tone download portals, Customer Portals
      • Handset Benchmarking and content validation against different handsets
      • Enterprise Live Monitoring
      • Enterprise Reporting
      • Global Roaming Quality Management supporting IREG, CAMEL, TADIG and GRQ tests in over 100 locations worldwide


Service outage, slow setup time, unsuccessful data downloads, leakage of revenue, etc., are experienced in every network. Identifying weak points can be difficult and some may remain undiscovered.
In doing so, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and regulatory agencies often cooperate with companies specializing in Testing, Benchmarking and the Optimization of Network Quality.

Such telecom professional service providers have many of the same needs as mobile network operators and regulators.

These include:

      • Test, measure, and analyze mobile network performance
      • Monitor quality and availability to help the operator to avoid disruption and ensure SLA compliance
      • Measure, compare, and report QoS in relation to different operators
      • Assess the network for optimum performance to minimize the operator’s cost and to ensure it gets the most out of its existing network


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