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Metricell is on a mission to deliver connectivity. We work with our customers in the telecommunications industry to design, deliver and manage wireless communication networks – with a shared ambition of achieving flawless network experience. We have been responsible for a number of first-to-market products, and our technology is characterised by the relentless pursuit of automation and digitalisation.

Our geospatial intelligence tools traverse a wide range of business processes – from Test & Measurement to Customer Experience Management – and we are pioneers in the areas of Crowdsourcing and Digital Self Care. Our technology is today in use by hundreds of customers; thousands of their personnel; and millions of subscribers worldwide.

Automated Technology for a Better Connected World

Our goal is to help those working in communications organisations to gain greater understanding of their technical and commercial landscape – from cell performance through to customer​


The mobile network world is constantly evolving, and innovation is required to stay on top of the market. Our crowdsourcing and assurance solutions can help you understand where your subscriber base is experiencing issues, and drills down right to the root of the problem


We can provide the tools to ensure that network operators meet the quota and responsibilities assigned to them. Whether it is regulation, investigation or operational assurance, our tools can identify where nationwide issues arise, and help resolution.


The modern business landscape is intertwined with mobile network provision – are you getting the service you require? We can help you find out, and use our in-house test and measurement tools to help you troubleshoot the problems in your office or on the road. 

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