Berkeley Varitronics Systems

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Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), under the direction of Scott Schober, company CEO’s, designs and manufactures world-class wireless security, test, safety and cybersecurity products for Fortune 500 companies and government organisations to manage secure facilities and maintain wireless networks.

The sharp uptick of cybersecurity attacks in recent years has lead BVS to develop content and curriculum to educate small businesses and large enterprise groups on a variety of cybersecurity topics including ransomware, credit card skimming, drone security and of course Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G/5G wireless threat detection products. Berkeley Varitronics lives right at the intersection of wireless security and cybersecurity.

BVS capabilities and services include custom engineering, prototyping, just-in-time production runs, quality testing, software, tech support, and training.

Clients include engineers, technicians, law enforcement, government and military professionals looking for precision wireless solutions at affordable price points.

Offer solutions for:

    • WIRELESS SECURITY: wireless security products are used by law enforcement, military, government and correctional facilities to detect and locate wireless threats
    • WIRELESS TEST: handheld products like portable cell booster, installation receivers, indoor DAS transmitters and drive study receivers
    • WIRELESS SAFETY: wireless devices to enforce safety regulations in the railway, mining and other transportation industries including public roads

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