Metricell Super Summit 2019

Next week our CEO, Maurizio LA ROCCA, and Marco SILVESTRI will attend the Metricell Super Summit 2019.

The mobile world is changing as growing volumes of people, machines and devices engage with wireless networks. Metricell goal is to help those working in communications organisations to gain greater understanding of their technical and commercial landscape -from cell performance through to customer. Metricell manage billions of network performance data points each day with solutions that semplify the analysis.

“Ready again for the Metricell Annual Event! Every year, the Metricell Super Summit is more than just a conference. It is a worldwide meeting point for clients founders and partners.

The winter summit planning meeting is an important event that establishes product developments goals and plans for the upcoming year, based on the attendants reviews of requests and results achieved.

Furthermore, the event will not only include demonstrations of innovations and capabilitiesof Metricell softwares, but it will also provide a chance to spend time with peers from multiple countries, mobile operators and specialist disciplines.”

said the PhD. Maurizio La Rocca, CEO and founder of arimas


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