INWIT, a new success

New Customer Success with Tower Company

Great news for arimas! This month we secured a new deal with INWIT the TIM TowerCo. INWIT, founded on January 14th, 2015 is a spin-off of the “Tower” branch of Telecom Italia.

With over 11 thousand towers, INWIT is currently Italy’s major Tower Operator providing, as Neutral Host, widespread coverage throughout the country, hosting the transmission equipment for all main national operators. In addition to hosting telco operators on its towers, INWIT is setting up a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) network that will guarantee excellent coverage in densely populated urban areas like some of Italy’s historic centres and other public areas, as well as in large enclosed areas such as stadiums, railway stations, concert areas, historic villages, museums, hotels.

INWIT is the first Metricell customer TowerCo in SaaS project in this space. Their main focus to date has been using MSS to perform indoor surveys for existing and prospective clients for DAS installation. They have won a project with one of Italy’s largest banks which opens up further potential assurance/performance of the key bank sites. Apart from managing the TIM infrastructure, INWIT is working to take over on the management other MNO infrastructure which may open up further opportunities for network visualisation projects moving forwards.

“arimas has a long history, as well as strong experience, to provide solutions used to bullet-proof service assurance, network operations and device management for providers in any phase of deployment and we are glad that INWIT has recognized this into one of our key products. It’s time for companies to offer a better caring to their customer and INWT, using innovative solutions, like arimas solutions’, is doing it in the best way as possible!”

said the PhD. Maurizio La Rocca, CEO and founder of arimas



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