ETI Software Meeting

Thursday 13.03.201 – CARSOLI

Frank J. Gine, CEO of ETI Software together with Paul Bosse, the ETI Software EMEA Sales Director met with Maurizio La Rocca, CEO and founder of arimas, and his team at arimas in their offices in Carsoli Italy to further strengthen their partnership. Frank and Maurizio shook hands on working together to provide best of breed solutions to the Telecom market in Italy and other parts of Europe.

Arimas provides great value to ETI with their long term relationships and expert knowledge of the telecom industry, Frank mentioned. Paul added this expertise complements the Vision360 product offering, assisting small and large telco’s, cable companies and ISP’s in supporting their customers through its superior provisioning capabilities.

ETI Software

ETI provides solutions to bullet-proof service assurance, network operations and device management for providers in any phase of deployment.

For 25 years, ETI Software has been on the cutting edge of the telecommunications industry. The rapid-fire pace of change continues to this day. Today, everything is on demand. Consumers want speed and content and they want it now. Every household has multiple mobile devices and not only are they connecting to each other, they are also being connected to household items: refrigerator, washing machine, lights, sprinklers, TV, thermostats.

None of this is possible without broadband. And the providers are trying to keep up with demand and find ways to deal with disruptive competition, expand their own network, reduce churn, grow revenue, enhance customer experience and drive business efficiencies.

“I am pleased with the Arimas Partnership, they provide ETI Software with both local market experience and excellent telecom knowledge to further STRENGTHEN the ETI Software footprint in Europe”

said Frank J. Gine, CEO of arimas ETI Software


arimas is an italian company engaged in advanced engineering consulting and innovation consultancy. The Company’s business is structured around three areas of consultancy: Technology Research & Development (R&D) Consulting, Organization & Information Systems Consulting and Strategy and Management Consulting. It assists clients during the strategic planning stages of new technologies and offer support throughout the production phase of the products and services.

The Company operates widely, providing services in various market sectors, such as aerospace, defense, telecommunications, media, automotive, infrastructure, energy, nuclear, financial services and healthcare

“We had a very constructive meeting with the ETI Software delegation. The meeting with ETI Software CEO’s, Frank J. Gine,  was very productive and I personally appreciated the opportunity to discuss the ways we can strengthen partnership the ties between our two ORGANISATIONS. arimas has a strong history of working in partnership with USA companies to deliver the tools, products and TECHNOLOGIES, to manage complex systems more efficiently, helping reduce operating costs and ensuring optimal quality of service. I am confident that this partnership will strengthen our offer portfolio and we will provide solutions to bullet-proof service assurance, network operations and device management for providers in any phase of deployment“

said the PhD. Maurizio La Rocca, CEO and founder of arimas

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ETI Software Meeting

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