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Mobile analytics: Recent technology advancements allowed us to move from a traditional work space to a more agile work environment, a mobile one. In fact, in this new digital world, an efficient mobile data collection system allows to use an accurate, near real-time data business intelligence.

Mobile captured data, coming from mobile apps, applet, websites, and other sources, helps companies to improve customer caring, customer retention, engagement and reduce their customer churn. It helps also to identify and record visitors behaviours and trends.

It helps also to identify and record visitors behaviours and trends.

All these collected data can be used, as example, to fill a CEM system (Customer Experience Management) that really works!

This new approach to collected data, give the possibility to create custom analytics platforms. These gives to each company unparalleled insights about hidden trends of users.

This big-data is important to marketing, sales, and strategy teams who use it to understand customer behaviours. Without it, companies are left flying blind. They’re unable to forecast where and when customer trends are moving. 

“CIOs need to go beyond thinking and talking about information as ‘the new oil.’ Information has unique economic characteristics that render it potentially much more valuable to their business than any fossil fuel.”

Douglas Laney – Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

USE CASE 1: Mobile Advertising Analytics

Mobile analytics is the heart of any successful mobile advertising company operations and, by definition, it is what makes ROI calculation possible. Launching a mobile ad campaign, either mobile web or mobile app based, without robust mobile analytics in place is just a waste of resources. This is what makes mobile analytics companies uniquely positioned to be essential across mobile platforms.

Furthermore, this type of analytics presents bread and butter of advertising. It helps you analyze and attribute digital marketing campaigns to impressions, ad clicks, subsequently to app installs, in-app behaviors, and a mobile in-store or offline sales boost.

Among other metrics to measure are return on advertising spend and effectiveness of ad impressions.

When everyone in the company has access to the same information, better decisions can be made, better actions can be taken, and better customer service is the result. Additionally, when multiple employees are making decisions based on data that isn’t updated in real-time across the company, the chances for error are enormous.

USE CASE 2: Mobile Reporting and Mobile Dashboards Are Powerful Tools

Mobile reporting holds key advantages for many purposes. Up-to-date reports, progress and trends and actionable items can be shown on mobile analytics reports. Each dedicated dashboards allow users to “drill down” into each visual report to better understand the numbers behind the graphs.

These mobile’s analytic reports can be customizable and allow users to see both leading and lagging indicators. While lagging indicators show past data such data per period, leading indicators allows managers and their teams to make real-time, as e.g. capacity corrections, radio coverage optimizations, fiber & radio link analysis, … Mobile analytics provide accurate, company-wide business intelligence.


Businesses need to embrace secure and productive mobile platform to increase company’s productivity and security. When everyone in the company shares the same information, the customer experience, as well as the the emplopyees’ daily work, is improved!

Mobile business intelligence through cloud-based software hold particular advantages for each team, as they are able to monitor their progress towards goals and actionable items. Mobile dashboards give sales teams real-time analytics to inform their sales practices.

When company team use mobile BIG DATA for data collection, reporting, and mobile analytics, company overall process can be optimised!


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