Sanremo 2017

TIM, selected arimas as key technology partners for the event, to ensure 24-7 service quality monitoring of data services delivered throughout the city of Sanremo using Beacon Probes and a CUSTOM DASHBOARD. It has been used to show to all visitors the REAL TIME performances of the new technology offered: 4G+ at 500Mb/s

SANREMO Festival, the prestigious European music festival, has been attend by thousands of music fans, media followers, which included 240 newspapers, and 1,341 accredited journalists from all over the world.

arimas provided a solutions based BEACONs.

Beacon is a probe that autonomously replicates subscriber behaviour to provide insight into service performance at any location. It provides a fast, user-friendly and customer-centric route to service assurance and network monitoring
wherever you need it.

arimas team performed 24/7 measurements on Customer Network using dedicated BEACONs able to reach downlink peak rate at 500Mb/s

Primary objective of the activity was:

      • Measure Network Performance during Sanremo2017 event
      • Acquire the downlink performances of 4G services in all the points of interest
      • Show in “REAL-TIME” the average os collected sample by a dedicated and custom algorithm

Beacon has been remotely controlled and we measured SIGNAL STRENGTH, SIGNAL QUALITY, THROUGHPUT, BROWSING and many more parameters… After this TIM decided to use Beacons for all SWAP activities.

As follow there is an example of Meter we develop directly for TIM.


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