San Peter Square

In order to increase quality offer to his customers, TIM expanded its 4G network in Rome during preparation phase of Extraordinary Jubilee. TIM takes care of St. Peter’s Square with a dedicated coverage, installing NEW HIGH-TECH antennas, and optimizing all sites around this important location.

A technical responsibility that the operator has taken in relation to interconnection with security activities activated for the Jubilee and the image of absolute technological maturity that aims to keep, after the positive results of EXPO2015.

During this Extraordinary Jubilee, visitors expectation in Rome is over 25Ms. The event’s universality and tourist appeal of the most beautiful cities in the world are such that the number is estimated by default. This mean that VOICE & DATA traffic will be extremely dense with possible issue in capacity.

The goal is to provide the best technology and the best experience in all conditions

The Jubilee has been another challenge, after EXPO2015, where TIM has been successfully handled needs for more than 21 million participants.”

Antenna Installation San Peter

To ensure its customers a network capacity and performance at the highest levels as always offered, TIM installed new generation “MULTI-BEAM antennas from CCI” using reliable technology partners and high-profile partners as arimas, already ‘involved successfully in EXPO2015 project.

Furthermore, in order to watch over performances offered to his customers, TIM decided to install same probes already used successfully during EXPO2015 in strategical points.

Those Probes will measure CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE BEHAVIOR and will promptly activate alarms in case of performances. KPI & KQI, under thresholds.

      • Diamond Partner: Besides supplying antennas “MULTI-BEAM”, laroccasolutions will also helps with the complex monitoring of service quality throughout the country and, with particular attention, to Rome
      • Find Technical Solution: The Antenna, developed for this particular location, is now a New Standard Product available in CCI Portfolio.

After the experience in Milan, confirmation of our team gratifies us and makes us proud, Rome and the Jubilee does not represent an arrival point but a new starting point in long road of internationalisation of our company
says Maurizio La Rocca, CEO at arimas

San Peter Square

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