Expo 2015

Historical Italian MNO requires a monitoring of EXPO2015 Area 24/7 in order to assure to their customer the BEST USER EXPERIENCE.

EXPO2015 is an Universal Exposition hosted by Milan (Italy) in 2015. Event started on May 1, 2015 at 10:00 and it takes over until October 31, 2015. It was the second time Milan hosted the exposition. The first was the Milan International of 1906. Expo 2015 was held under the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life

To satisfy customer needs, arimas provided a solutions based on BEACONs. Using BEACONs we have been able to generate alarm reporting if any Voice, Data, Service performance impacts occurs with a short delay.

arimas performed 24/7 measurements on Customer Network by dedicated BEACON and help the customer to produce all reports based on collected data.

Our commitment to delivering seamless wireless access is unparalleled. We have chosen arimas to ensure the quality of service we deliver is fit for our purpose! arimas helps us by monitoring our network from a “Customer Experience Perspective”
Customer says

Project Description

Primary objective of the activity was:

      • Measure Network Performance in the EXPO2015 location in an autonomous mode
      • Acquire the QoS of 4G services in all the points of interest
      • “REAL-TIME” Optimization of the issue based on reported Alarms

BEACON has been designed to continuously monitor network performance, it mimics the behaviour of real subscribers using smartphones to perform a series tests: voice call, web browsing, video streaming tests and more…

Furthermore, Beacon is remotely controlled and it measures SIGNAL STRENGTH, SIGNAL QUALITY, THROUGHPUT, BROWSING and more…

During the overall event arimas team continuously controlled, in Real Time, Network KPI & KQI to assure best Customer Experience.

Furthermore,  all recorder data has been aggregated and presented in different way:

      • SPEED TEST: Distribution & Statistic
      • PAGE LOADING TIME: Distribution & Statistic
      • MIN. BUFFER TIME: Distribution & Statistic
      • OTT TEST: Distribution & Statistic

Naturally all reports has been divided by Technology


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