Global Telecoms Business Award 2016

Global Telecoms Business Award

laroccasolutions and Metricell have formed a strong partnership in recent years thanks to their significant respective experience in the field of telecommunications and affinity with the Italian MNOs and won Global Telecoms Business Award

Together we are helping Telecom Italia to harness the power of crowd sourcing to improve the network performance for their subscribers.

Over 300 telecoms leaders attended on 25 May 2016 at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London, to celebrate the collaboration and partnership between operators and vendors whilst recognizing the industry’s commitment to deliver exciting and innovative services to its customers worldwide.

Metricell, recent winners of the 2016 Queen’s Award for International Trade, are proud to be recognized by Global Telecoms Business Award in the field of Consumer Service Innovation. At a black tie event in London, Metricell, joined by award partners laroccasolutions, saw off some stiff competition to receive the award for the transformative impact of the ‘My Experience‘ project delivered for Telecom Italia.

Speaking after the event, Metricell CEO, Dr. Steve Mockford, spoke of the spirit of innovation and international partnership at the heart of the success. “While our software is 100% UK built, the true potential for its success lies in how we work with partners across Europe and the rest of the world to deliver it successfully for some of the world’s largest TELCO operators. This award is testament to the value of building these relationships with the likes of our friends at laroccasolutions and we hope to continue this in the years to come.”

Talking about this award, laroccasolutions CEO, Dr. Maurizio La Rocca, spoke about the Efforts and Quality of Support offered to their customer, Telecom Italia, during last 4 years as the heart of this success. ” We are proud to have participated at this important GLOBAL BUSINESS AWARD with our partner Metricell to highlight our international partnership at the heart of this succes. We enjoyed the evening with Telecom Italia to demonstrate our strong relation and mutual investment into the CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT field. Thanks to our hard work, performed during last 4 years, we have been reward from the magazine written specifically for senior telecoms managers.”


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Global Telecoms Business Award 2016

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