arimas Monitor QoS at EXPO2015

arimas Monitor QoS at EXPO2015

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EXPO2015 & arimas

Historical National Operator selected Metricell tools to monitor their live network quality during one of the world’s biggest trade fairs, EXPO2015.

“Milan EXPO2015 is a major exposition that will be running for the next six months. The theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, with the focus on nutrition and combating hunger globally. The Expo involves international organisations and over the next six months is expecting 20 million visitors to its 1.1 million square meters of exhibition area”

Therefore Operator consider their QoS (Quality of Service) to be vital during this period and have chosen to use Metricell’s ‘Beacon’ units to monitor network quality in the exhibition area and surrounding transport hubs.

Metricell’s Beacon is designed to continuously monitor network performance. It mimics the behaviour of real subscribers by using smartphones to perform a series of voice call, web browsing and video streaming tests.

The Beacon operates 24 hours a day and can be controlled remotely – if any network quality degradation is detected, then an alarm is immediately sent to the dedicated Events Team so that action can be taken to rectify any problem.

The solution is designed and operated by arimas, who had seen Metricell Beacons being used for similar special events in 2014, such as the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the Roskilde Music Festival.

“At arimas we are glad to help our customer to deliver best QoS during EXPO2015! We are active 24/7 into analysis, alarm and reporting. Furthermore, we are proud to share that we gained a great experience about Special Event Measurements and Project Management”

Maurizio La Rocca CEO of arimas Ltd.

“4G high speed data services with typical download speeds in excess of 40-50Mbps are being maintained for Operator customers around the Expo area. Instant 24-7 reporting of this excellent service quality guarantees customer satisfaction at this premier event”

Dr Stephen Mockford CEO of Metricell Ltd.

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