Route of Italian Benchmark Test 2014

Route of Italian Benchmark Test 2014

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The Italian benchmark test was conducted by the Istituto Tedesco Qualità Finanza di Monaco in collaboration with Net Check GmbH, a Berlin-based measurement service provider, and Focus Infocom GmbH, who provided the network measurement equipment. The measurement tools included Focus Infocom’s brand-new XGMA Smartphone measurement backpack equipped with four smartphones.

The campaign covered a route of 3,000 km from the north to the south of Italy, 2,400 km by car and 600 km by train. Additionally, walk tests were performed in seven of the most important Italian cities along the route.

The test – like its German counterpart – aimed to approach actual customer behavior as much as possible. The field technicians collected QoS data from 5,300 phone calls and 43,000 data transactions during two work weeks towards the end of 2013. The data transactions reflected typical user actions on smartphones like web browsing, up- and download of data, and YouTube™ video streaming.

The final overall results of the benchmark were based on both the voice and data results of the four main Italian operators (3 Italia, Tim, Vodafone and Wind) with a ratio of 40 per cent for voice connections and 60 per cent for data connections. While the test had a clear overall winner, all of the operators fared well in the test even if all showed some problems.

If you want to know more, download the original article in Italian here.

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